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Herb Pictures and
Descriptions of Medicinal Plants

List of Herbs Now  with Thumbnails for Fast ID!

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Uses in alternative
medicine, Folklore and more!

Real Hope for a Cancer Cure! Finally a cure for Cancer that is non-toxic!

WHY Diets Don't Work and What Does!
I wrote this article in 2002 and here we are in 2004, check this out, CBS NEWS 60 Minutes and Lesley Stahl have a NEW Report "African Plant May Help Fight Fat"       Hoodia is here!

MAD COW Disease, it's here and not going away!
I gathered this information and wrote this article several years ago. Now it has come to pass. If I can find this much information on the BAD practices and polices of our government which have led to this outbreak in the U.S. anyone can.


Death by Hydrogenated Oils
For decades, food companies (and even our own government) have lied to us!!

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Herbal Gifts

Choose from our large selection of Magnetic Therapy Jewelry, Message Tools, Candles, Beauty Treatments, Herbs, Vitamins and more! Make up your own unique Herbal Gift Basket, How about a basket of Herbal Tea, or a basket of Aromatherapy, maybe a Romance basket or a Candle Basket. Or a Real get well quick gift, to help someone recovering from an illness.

These and more UNIQUE gifts items are excellent for any occasion. Also Gift Certificates may be sent by email or by regular mail, no charge for postage on gift certificates unless they are sent express mail. Let them pick out their own perfect Gift!

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Health Questions? Health Answers!

Do you have a question about a specific health problem? What Herbs, Vitamins or Minerals to use? Find more information, New research, Everything from an Ingrown Toe-nail to Heart function is covered in this extensive
Conditions and Ailments Section!


SORRY, this product is no longer available. Due to government interference (EPA, FDA rules) which state that (Anything which repels, mitigates, or kills any insect is a pesticide and must be approved and registered as a pesticide before it can be marketed or sold.)

In other words they want big $$$'s!

However there is nothing which says you can't buy the oils and make your own bug stuff!

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Nature's Herbal
Natural Mosquito &
Insect Shield

Contains Catnip Oil! A full 8 ounces of protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects. Formula is based on actual research at Iowa State University, in which Catnip oil was found to be 10 times more effective than DEET at repelling mosquitoes.

Now with more natural essential oils for broader protection (to deter more kinds of insects)!

We have added 100% Pure Rosemary Oil.

Pesticide and insecticide free 100% Natural!

Please take note, this product is not an insecticide or pesticide, it will not kill insects but it will prevent them from biting you!

Trying to destroy or kill enough mosquitoes so you never get bitten is not only impossible but dangerous to our ecology! So many creatures and environments depend on them for survival!

New article, New research and discoveries.

How it works in simple language.

Mosquitoes and other insects don’t see you and know you have blood to drink. They have special censors on their bodies (like little hairs) that catch carbon dioxide molecules, THEY SMELL YOU! When you spray yourself with this product containing nepetalactone they smell a plant instead of an animal or human, so they look elsewhere!

SEE Customer Testimonials!


Ingredients: 100% pure Catnip oil (nepetalactone), 100% pure Cornmint oil (known to shield against biting insects), 100% pure Rosemary oil for broader protection (to deter more kinds of insects).  and Pure Vegetable Glycerin, used to keep the oils on the skin for up to 8 hours.

On SALE now  $14.95

Click HERE to purchase this NEW Natural insect protection made with Catnip Oil!

Protect Your Deck, Patio, or Yard!

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With the Dragonfly Mosquito System
A revolutionary mosquito control device. This breakthrough technology was developed in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture.



A Note from Deb:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Deb Jackson and I hope you enjoy my site. I would like to thank you all for visiting and purchasing my product. I would also like to tell you a little bit about Nature’s Herbal Natural Mosquito and Insect Shield. I am not a big company and my spray is not made in a factory, it is made here in my home. I began making the product for my family because I was sure we were having a reaction to DEET insect repellent. The symptoms were headache, diarrhea, fatigue, coughing, slight skin rash, and upset stomach. This is called DEET toxicity. I was shocked to find out how poisonous the stuff really is! DEET insect repellent is a neurotoxin. DEET toxicity reports exist in medical literature. Many cases of encephalopathy, in children younger than 8 years of age have been reported. Though it is said that many of these persons had a history of long-term, excessive, or inappropriate use of DEET insect repellents. Can there be an appropriate use of POISON in children?

I found the Iowa State University study that proved Catnip oil was 10 times more effective than DEET at repelling mosquitoes. They said that nepetalactone was the active ingredient. Then I found that pennyroyal oil contained nepetalactone also. So I ordered both the oils, made a spray for us and IT WORKED! Not only that but when we stopped using DEET insect repellent the terrible symptoms went away! My friends tried it and their friends, they all loved it and soon people were telling me I should sell it on my site. I did and the response has been exceptionally great. I’m a busy lady these days! THANK YOU!

I have however had a few complaints that the spray doesn't work as well as expected, but most people say it works wonderfully. I have a feeling the folks who complained aren't using it properly and felt I should explain how to use the spray for best results.

Nature’s Herbal shield is made with natural oils, water and glycerin. Oil and water do not mix so the bottle must be shaken vigorously before spraying and you should stop to shake it again while spraying. Spray well on your body and clothes, spray it in your hand to cover your face and neck. Don’t open the bottle and pour some in your hand to get it on faster because you will pour all the oil out as it is on top of the water and what remains in the bottle is to weak and will not work again. And remember the spray works for mosquitoes and some other insects but not all. The same is true with DEET insect repellents. We have added rosemary oil to help with other insects. It is not poisonous, but DO NOT under any circumstances drink it or spray it in the mouth as an allergic reaction could occur. Essential oils are very strong and could cause severe stomach ache if a large amount is ingested.

Nature’s Herbal shield works well on animals for flees and ticks, but your dog may not like having the cat following him! ;~)

Thanks again, and please do send me your comments, my e-mail form is under contact below. And please take a moment to stop and look at the banner for missing and exploited children. So often it is people like you and I who find them!

Sincerely Yours,
Deb Jackson

Note: We have taken out the pennyroyal oil at the request of many customers and added Cornmint oil (Mentha arvensis). The old formula is still available at some distributors but will soon be gone!

pibrdL.JPG (3602 bytes)pibrdR.JPG (3572 bytes)Poison Ivy Relief

Amazing Jewelweed Soap, Salve and Spray.

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Nature's Herbal NaturalBottle5.JPG (3199 bytes) Mosquito & Insect Shield
w/Catnip Oil    Made with the best Catnip Oil.

Based on actual research!

SORRY, this product is no longer available. Due to government interference (EPA, FDA rules) which state that (Anything which repels, mitigates, or kills any insect is a pesticide and must be approved and registered as a pesticide.)

In other words they want big $$$'s!


New Herbal Site!
More Information and Natural Healing!

Alternative Nature Online Herbal
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Amazing Jewelweed Remedies
Poison Ivy

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Fertility The Natural Way !

The Healing Powers of Magnets

140 million people use magnetic therapy to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling, minimize stiffness, and increase overall performance. Can they ALL be wrong?

Herbal Remedies
for ALL Your
Herbal Needs

Unique Herbal Gift Baskets for any Occasion.
Send a Healing gift to some one Special!
Gift Wrapping Available!

If you have questions about a specific condition or ailment please click here  Ailments and Conditions

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Hormonal Balance and Herbs

What role do Plants play in Hormone Balance? More than you may think!


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NEW!! Natural and homeopathic remedies for Your Pets!  



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